The next time your car’s navigation system takes you proper to the entrance door of an ideal little back-road barbecue joint, thank the U.S. navy. The Global Positioning System — a community of satellites that permits location pinpointing — exists courtesy of the Defense Department. The Space Force and Coast […]

Type Small station wagon Base worth $36,500 Vary 259 miles Recharge time 9.3 hours The neatly practical form of the Chevrolet Bolt sticks to the confirmed components of small runabouts: tall with plenty of glass to make the inside ethereal, but fairly brief and slim to create an easy-to-maneuver package […]

WASHINGTON — President Biden got here into office with plans to help the economy recuperate from the coronavirus pandemic and spur a domestic manufacturing revival for goods reminiscent of cars and semiconductors. However one month into his presidency, a global chip scarcity has shuttered auto factories within the United States, […]

An eight-day Mecum public sale in July in Indianapolis — beforehand postponed by the pandemic — notched record sales of $74 million. That determine included a highest-ever worth of $3.85 million for a Mustang. The auctioneer billed the car, a 1965 Shelby prototype as soon as pushed by Ken Miles […]

Ted Bacino bought a used 2017 Mustang from a Palm Springs Ford vendor. He paid almost $2,000 additional for an prolonged guarantee to cowl any repairs. Two things are noteworthy about this. First, the one time Bacino, 87, tried to make use of his prolonged guarantee, he was instructed it […]

“Today’s batteries are not competitive,” said Jagdeep Singh, chief executive of QuantumScape, which is based in San Jose, Calif. “Batteries have enormous potential and are critical for a renewable energy economy, but they have to get better.” For probably the most part, the entire cash pouring into battery technology is […]