Justin Bieber’s new album, “Justice,” has returned to No. 1 for a second time, beating out Demi Lovato’s latest in a decent race for the top. “Justice,” which opened at No. 1 two weeks in the past, then dropped to No. 2, reclaimed the Billboard 200 chart’s peak position with […]

Within the Australian outback, sure grasses develop in eerie rings, with ramparts of dusty green standing on the fringe of huge circles of naked purple filth. Usually described as “fairy circles,” these rings of spinifex grass resemble buildings first noticed within the Namibian desert, each creating huge honeycomb patterns throughout […]

Seems there’s such a thing as a dumb question. In a viral video shared via Facebook Live on April 7, “Cat Scratch Fever” rocker Ted Nugent claimed he wasn’t afraid of the large bad coronavirus. “I ain’t scared. I ain’t scared of nothing,” Nugent, 72, started within the 12-minute clip […]