Diary of disturbing disinformation and harmful delusions: This quote: “It’s one thing for literally criminals to . . . go into the Capitol [and] kill a policeofficer . . . ”— President Joe Biden, discussing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s comparabilityof Russian protesters with the Jan. 6 Capitol rioters following their […]

A key storyline of President Joe Biden’s abroad journey was how totally different Biden was from his speedy predecessor, and certainly he was — besides in a single essential area: Biden’s hawkishness on China, which figured prominently, was a mirrored image of how basically former President Donald Trump modified our […]

For the previous yr, liberals unleashed on the nation an avalanche of ideological nonsense, coupled with brutal strain to evolve. Those that bucked the social gathering line discovered themselves canceled and unpersoned and had their opinions subjected to mockery and claims of delusion and “anti-science” prejudices. Till now. As a […]

Under long-standing constitutional law, religious beliefs do not provide an exemption from civil rights laws and can’t be used as an excuse for discrimination. But the Supreme Court on Thursday in Fulton vs. City of Philadelphia dominated in favor of the flexibility of Catholic Social Services to participate within the […]

That is the final of Frank Bruni’s regular Opinion columns, however his in style weekly e-newsletter will live on. To keep up along with his political analysis, cultural commentary and personal reflections, enroll right here. I owe Ted Cruz an apology. Although, actually, it’s readers to whom I ought to […]