They Had been Journalists, and Women, and Focused for Each

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Although she noted that she was unaware of the station receiving any threats particular to the murdered women or female employees typically, “Being a journalist in Afghanistan is a risk. There’s no other way to put it,” she said. “Even just going to work or walking home from work, as we saw happen yesterday, can pose a risk.”

Since 2018, more than 30 media employees and journalists have been killed in Afghanistan, in keeping with a latest United Nations report. It has been notably bad for them, and for other civil society figures, throughout a rise in focused killings documented by USA News Hunt since peace negotiations began in September 2020.

“I feel like we’re living in a horror movie these days,” said Rada Akbar, a Kabul-based photojournalist and artist. “So many people left the country. A lot of people got killed. And everyone else who is in the city is just …” she trailed off, then continued. “Everyone is so silent. It’s very scary.”

Mariam Alimi, a Kabul-based photojournalist, remembers the exact second she heard that the three media workers in Jalalabad had been killed. “I was at my brother’s house,” she said. “I heard that three journalists had been killed, so I switched on the TV, and saw the story.”

The news, she said, was “a warning to me.” She travels all through the country for her work, usually alone. For years, she said, she felt safe sufficient doing in order that she most popular to drive to assignments throughout the country fairly than fly, which she thought of a trouble. More lately, nonetheless, she has been threatened and adopted by unknown men whereas on task. Her purchasers have canceled assignments and warned her to not travel.

After which got here the killings on Tuesday, which felt like a message she couldn’t ignore.

USA News Hunt documented the deaths of at the least 136 civilians and 168 security force members in such focused killings and assassinations in 2020, more than practically any other 12 months of the war.

USA News Hunt

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